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Innovation Center

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Boston Biomedical Innovation Center

215 First Street, Suite 500
Cambridge, MA 02142


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Supported by NIH grant # 

: Bridging Knowledge Gaps

B-BIC Learning and Development Programs are designed to support biomedical innovation through education. We have opportunities for everyone involved in the process. Learning is happening. Join us.

B-BIC Professional Education Programs offer four categories of customizable workshops designed for the Biotechnology and Pharma workforce. Our facilitators have decades of experience helping scientists build communication, leadership, and management skills. We customize each learning experience based on identified needs and agreed-upon outcomes. And we bring the experience to you.

Offerings for non-members include:

  • Navigating Professional Change

  • Managing Discovery

  • Tackling Challenges in Clinical Development

  • Communicating Science in Context

  • Speak Science | Science Speak