Clinical Development

Employees who would benefit:

  • Biomedical researchers

  • Clinicians

  • Early career clinical researchers

  • Biotech business development professionals

What you will learn:

  • Prioritizing and selecting clinical
    development projects

  • Creating and using target product profiles

  • Deciding on the right clinical trial strategy
    for your indication

  • Addressing unexpected challenges during
    the clinical development process

The work of clinical development requires thoughtful prioritization and selection of new projects, careful planning and strategic thinking, the ability to adapt to unexpected challenges, and working with numerous cross-functional teams. Our workshops covering clinical development use real life stories and are facilitated by experts with decades of experience across a number
of different projects.

Here is what the industry scientists had to say:

"The facilitator is exceptional. He shines a light into the black box of decision-making and managing through unexpected results."

"This was a phenomenal session. Thank you!"

"I liked working through some of the problems in both small and a large group. Good discussion. Great case example."

I really enjoyed working through some of the tough questions with somebody who has deep expertise in the field of clinical development."

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