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Meet Our Facilitators

Mark Goldberg, M.D.

Chair at Eastern New England Board, American Cancer Society

Mark is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and he serves on the Board of Directors for several biotech companies in Boston.  He lends his expertise to B-BIC Learning and Development programs to help participants apply strategic thinking and problem-solving  to clinical development scenarios.

Erin McKenna, MBA

Deputy Director and Senior Project Manager, B-BIC

Erin brings over sixteen years of medical device product development and commercialization to B-BIC.  She helped launch several vascular graft and peripheral embolization products prior to shifting her focus on product development lifecycle process improvements. LinkedIn Profile

Cheryl Vaughan, Ph.D., Ed.M

Managing Director, Learning and Development Programs, B-BIC

Cheryl has worked for more than 20 years as a science educator at Harvard University. For each course module, Cheryl will help participants build analogies to understand the biological underpinnings of disease. LinkedIn Profile

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