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Boston Biomedical Innovation Center

215 First Street, Suite 500
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Managing Yourself Before Managing Others

November 21, 2019

For the scientifically trained, moving up typically means moving out of the research environment and into new work environments that require stronger interpersonal skills for clear communication, collaboration, leadership and management.This workshop is intended for academic scientists who are anticipating a transition or have already taken on new roles that require additional skill sets. This small group coaching session will provide actionable information to help you move toward a self-improvement goal that you feel is both important, and has proven difficult to achieve.


A Pitch for Any Occasion

December 03, 2019

A great pitch hooks your audience and keeps them engaged throughout. This does not happen by accident. Experienced speakers prepare, in large part, by researching their audience and crafting the pitch with the end goal in mind.

In this workshop, participants will collaborate in small groups to craft a 5-slide pitch deck with an audience and goal we provide. After applying the pitch design principles, participants will craft a pitch about their own work.

Healthcare Market Research

December 05, 2019

Great work in life science research does not always lead to better healthcare, often because of a lack of understanding the market. The quality of market research, similar to the quality of laboratory research, hinges on asking the best questions and carefully evaluating the answers.

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