Managing Discovery

For companies where research and development operate in the big “R” little “d” paradigm, time
spent unnecessarily on investigative “dead-ends”
can add up and put a dent in your bottom line.
Scientific leaders that understand and employ
good project planning and management practices can keep their projects on track and better communicate
project progress to other company stakeholders. 

What you will learn:

  • Communicate with key stakeholders

  • Determine project scope

  • Create an initial project map

  • Translate the map to a detailed plan

  • Execute the plan with team members 

Our offerings cover:

  • High-level project planning

  • Project Plan Implementation

  • Communicating Project Updates

Here is what the industry participants had to say:

"This workshop helped me value pre-planning and project mapping as a process for more than just producing a gantt  chart, it helps identify and agree upon milestones."

" The exercises made me pay more attention to parallel workflows for each team member on
a single project."

"Coming in with minimal project management experience, I definitely feel I gained a lot of  useful knowledge coming out of this workshop."

"The workshop helped me understand how to break up bigger projects into smaller pieces with more granular processes. This helps see the nature and impact of systemic change."

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