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Customizable Workshops

B-BIC Professional Education Programs offer four categories of customizable workshops designed for the Biotechnology and Pharma workforce. Our facilitators have decades of experience helping scientists build communication, leadership, and management skills. We customize each learning experience based on identified needs and agreed-upon outcomes.

Participants in B-BIC Learning and Development Program workshops come from a wide range of organizations.
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Alacrita LLC
Association for Women in Science Massachusetts (AWIS)
Atlantica Group
Canon USA
Finch Therapeutics



EMD Serono, Inc.

Inventiv Health

Invitro ADMET Laboratories, Inc

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Linical USA, Inc

Microbiotix, Inc

New England Controls


Pandion Therapeutics

SAGE Therapeutics

Sectoral Asses Management

SeLux Diagnostics

Seres Therapeutics

Stiris Research

Tesaro Bio

Tetra Genetics

Two Labs Marketing

University of Kansas Medical Center

Xanadu Big Data, LLC


Arrakis Therapeutics

Navigating Professional Change

Scientists are generally hired for their subject matter expertise, developed in the context of the academic
laboratory. Acquiring new skills for leading teams
and working collaboratively with non-technical
colleagues can be challenging for the scientifically
trained. We help scientists identify barriers to growth
and provide actionable information to achieve
professional goals.

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Managing Discovery

For companies where research and development operate in the big “R” little “d” paradigm, time spent unnecessarily on investigative “dead-ends” can add up and put a dent in your bottom line. Scientific leaders that understand and employ common project management practices can keep their projects on track and better communicate project
progress to other company stakeholders.

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Clinical Development

The work of clinical development requires thoughtful prioritization and selection of new projects, careful planning and strategic thinking, the ability to adapt to unexpected challenges, and working with numerous cross-functional teams. Our workshops covering clinical development use real life stories and are facilitated by experts with decades of experience across a number of different projects. 

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Communicating Science in Context

These workshops are developed to help your
scientific teams reserve dedicated time to prepare
their presentations, and get the help they need.
We help them design presentation materials for
the target audience and craft the delivery in service
of work the presentation needs to accomplish. 

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Speak Science | Science Speak

Technical jargon can create barriers between workforce segments at your company. On the flip side of improving communication skills in scientific leaders, we build customized offerings to help non-science professionals deepen their understanding of the company science.

The organizational ROI for these trainings is improved recognition of new business opportunities and more informed decisions

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